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Measuring method
Immersion sensor 40-40 Ex
Immersion sensor 40-14
Immersion sensor Varivent
Immersion sensor Clamp
Immersion sensor separated housing
Immersion sensor 40-14 Lab
Flange sensor 80 Halar / PFA
Immersion sensor Ex BOV

Immersion sensor Ex BOV

The immersion sensor Ex BOV (Bottom Outlet Valve) is incorporated into the bottom outlet valve of the company SchuF. The innovative and cost-efficient combination of sensor and valve is an ideal solution for process analytical applications in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry.

Located in the bottom part of the vessel, the combination provides a suitable entry point for process monitoring in real-time without costly process connection. Thus, a modification of existing reactor vessels is not necessary. According to the ATEX and IECEx approval the sensor can be applied in explosion areas zone 0.

of the close cooperation with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer during the product development, the valve including the LiquiSonic® sensor has already proven successfully in the plants of Pfizer.

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