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Monitoring the oil circulation ratio (OCR) in the refrigerant circuit

In climate control processes often compression refrigerations are used, in which refrigerants such as R134a or CO2 circulate. In addition, refrigerating-machine oils are in the refrigeration cycle to lubricate the compressor.

Typical applications of the inline concentration measurement with LiquiSonic® are:
  • measurement of the oil concentration in the refrigerant for continuous monitoring of the oil circulation ratio (OCR)
  • monitoring of the refrigerant concentration in the cooling liquid
  • detection of product leakages in the climate control system
To analyze cooling cycles the LiquiSonic® technology is best choice. Due to the chemical and physical properties of the refrigerants such as R134a or HFO1234yf, sonic velocity is the optimum measurement method. It can be used at temperatures down to -30 °C with highest measuring accuracy, no maintenance and maximum robustness. The sensor will be usually installed between the condenser and expansion valve of the climate control system. SensoTech offers the LiquiSonic® OCR analyzer system for refrigerant applications.

Application report

Oil in refrigerant

Inline analytical technology for oil circulation ratio (OCR), polyester oil (POE), polyalkylene (PAG), polyalphaolefins (PAO), hydrofluorocarbons, carbon dioxide, ammonia and propane
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