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Coriolis density measurement

If a liquid stream runs trough an oscillating tube, the phase shift of this oscillation depends on the Coriolis force and finally of the mass flow of the liquid stream.

Because Coriolis mass flowmeters are optimized for precise phase shifting determination, they have only poor performance for the measurement of the oscillation frequency, which is required for precise density measurement. That┤s why concentration and density measurements only allow accuracies of ▒ 5 % to ▒ 10 % full scale with these instruments.

A concentration measurement with this technology has disadvantages:
  • high sensitivity of gas bubbles and sediments
  • in most cases the instruments have temperature compensation for the device, but not for the density calculation
  • calibration is only possible in the factory
  • difficult installation, especially for larger tube diameters
  • high pressure lost because of internally reduced tube diameter

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