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Measuring method
Comparison with alternative methods


A radioactive source emits its radiation onto the material to be measured. The radiation will be received by the detector. A scintillator converts the radioactive radiations into light flashes and evaluates their number. Since the penetration of the gamma rays is dependent on the material, the density is determined from the intensity of the incoming radiation.

1: radiometer with shield
2: scintillation meter
3: clamp-on measuring distance on the pipe

Nowadays, radiometry is replaced by modern measurement technologies, since using a radiometer involves regulatory requirements, high costs and risk potential:
  • time-consuming and expensive acceptance of the equipment by regulatory authority
  • continuous maintenance, such as regular leak tests
  • training of Radiation Protection Officer
  • requirement of providing information and documentation to the fire department
  • very expensive disposal of radiation sources in case of an exchange or return of the equipment
  • delivery in special vehicles
  • high potential danger of employees in case of averages

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