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Sulfuric Acid in copper mining

The LiquiSonic® analyzer provides a precise inline H2SO4 and oleum concentration measurement with real-time monitoring.
Fact Sheet Caustic Soda

SensoTech offers safe and accurate inline NaOH measurements to improve production and quality. Our LiquiSonic® analyzers are capable of measuring the entire range of caustic soda.
Oil Dry Fractionation

In their native type, numerous edible oils are not usable for food purposes. To optimize their texture and structural properties, the food industry uses various chemical and physical modifications.
Formaldehyde Synthesis

Formaldehyde is an organic base material for numerous applications to synthesize diverse end products.
Sulfuric acid production

Inline analytical technology for concentration, density, process control and acid dilution
Chlorine-alkali electrolysis

Inline analytical technology for brine purification, electrolysis, chlorine gas drying, NaOH concentration and hydrochloric acid production
Fertilizer production

Inline analytical technology for ammonia, ammonium nitrate, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, urea and urea ammonium nitrate
Hydrofluoric acid

Inline analytical technology for concentration & density, blending, warning limit detection and multi-component mixtures
Phase separation

Inline analytical technology for phase separation in pipelines, in batch processes, in continuous processes and as valve solution

Inline analyical technology for gas scrubbers, etching baths, sulfuric acid / oleum, methanol / formaldehyde
Bath monitoring

Inline analytical technology for cleaning, rinsing, treating, quenching and coating baths
Oil in refrigerant

Inline analytical technology for oil circulation ratio (OCR), polyester oil (POE), polyalkylene (PAG), polyalphaolefins (PAO), hydrofluorocarbons, carbon dioxide, ammonia and propane
Crystallization monitoring

Inline analytical technology for saturation degree, supersaturation, crystal content, metastable range and particle size
Polymerization monitoring

Inline analytical technology for monomer and polymer concentration, degree of polymerization and polymerization break off
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