Oil dry fractionation
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Oil dry fractionation

In their native type, numerous edible oils are not usable for food purposes. To optimize their texture and structural properties, the food industry uses various chemical and physical modifications. Edible oils with a modified texture are most suitable for a consistent final product quality and a stable processing chain.

The LiquiSonic« immersion sensor can easily be installed directly into the crystallizer or into pipelines. Based by high power electronics, it is well-equipped for measurements in highly viscous suspensions.

By using the LiquiSonic« controller 30, up to four sensors can be connected, allowing the process at several crystallizers to be monitored. A typical application is the crystallization process control and SFC calculation, based on sonic velocity, attenuation and temperature. LiquiSonic« parameter can be easily implemented into the process control system.

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Application report Oil dry fractionation

Dry fractionation is one of the first and most prominent texture-improving processes. It is mostly used for edible oils with high solid fat content.