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Gas scrubber control

The LiquiSonic® system facilitates separate inline determination of the scrubbing solution concentration and the salt concentration without any time delay. Hence, it is possible to top the scrubbing liquid in a defined manner and keep the liquid concentration always in the range of maximum solubility and absorption.

Therefore underdosing, i.e. insufficient scrubbing, is avoided as well as overdosing, i.e. excessive input of materials and related costs.

Application areas:
  • flue gas scrubber
  • exhaust gas scrubber
  • gas drying
  • phosgene absorber
  • sulfur dioxide scrubber
  • benfield scrubber
  • ammonia facilities
  • synthesis gas facilities
  • natural gas facilities
  • chlorine gas scrubber
For more information please refer to the technical report "Process analysis in gas scrubbers".

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