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Crystallization control

The crystallization has become one of the most important fundamental operations in thermal process technology. It is used to generate defined solid phases. The crystallization, as a thermal process for separating, cleaning and concentrating, is of great importance in the food industry (sugar, juice), in the pharmaceutical industry (agents, vitamins) and in the chemical industry (fiber raw materials, fertilizers, salts).

material characteristics of the respective process liquid can easily be implemented in the LiquiSonic® OCM system. Afterwards different parameters can be determined and displayed user-friendly to influence the product quality directly. This includes:

  • the concentration of the process liquid
  • the degree of saturation or supersaturation
  • difference to nucleation
  • crystal content
  • temperature and cooling rate

For example, the seedy point can be derived from the degree of supersaturation, which then influences the size and the distribution of particles.

Application reports

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