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SensoTech analyzers:
  • monitor inline and in real time the most important steps of the brewing process
    • wort concentration measurement (lauter tun, mash filter, wort boiler) in the brewing room,
    • beer/water/beer interface detection after the filtration to reduce the consumption of filter aids,
    • original gravity control of the bottling process according to HACCP,
    • blending control in high-gravity brewing processes (HGB),
  • measure the dry matter content, control the whey evaporation and optimize the product quality in dairies,
  • monitor the brix concentration in soft drink and fruit juice production,
  • measure the extract and alcohol concentration in wine production,
  • optimize CIP processes through product identification,
  • monitor the concentration of carbohydrates, proteins or fats,
  • determine the water content,
  • measure the content of coffee or tea extract
  • measure the content of vitamins, citric acid or thickening agents,
  • monitor and control crystallizations.
LiquiSonic® products have proven very efficient throughout the entire brewing process. Inline, real time monitoring provides the means to achieve maximum yield of consistent quality wort, and to avoid product loss during pushouts, filtration and separation.

Equally important, brewers save money when they extend the life of their filters and reduce the consumption of filter aids. Extended filter life also means less downtime. Inline monitoring during bottling provides an important final check for product quality prior to shipping or storage.

Unbeatable utilization rates

LiquiSonic® sensors provide stable and reliable measurement, even in systems with a high degree of aeration or agitation. Our sensors conform to recommendations according to the FDA standards or EHEDG.

Direct, real-time measurement eliminates the need for sampling, eliminating volume loss and dilution errors, in addition to reducing the risk of contamination. LiquiSonic® allows you to automate manual operations and achieve a new level of productivity and process control.

The fundamentals for this quality are the high-grade materials used such as stainless steel with electro polished finish. The sensor design consist of one homogenous body and requires no gaskets.

Well connected

sensors may be equipped with all common process adapters and fittings such as Tri-clamp, Ingold or Varivent, and can be used under the most complex application conditions.

By changing immersion lengths or the process adapters, our sensors fit into tanks and vessels of almost every design as well as directly in any tube size.

Because the measuring technology is not dependent on color, turbidity or other optical attributes, the user will have no limitations, even under the most difficult application conditions.

Products and process may change

Every LiquiSonic® system can be easily adapted as various process conditions are modified. The Controller software manages up to 256 various product characteristics. Depending on the user access rights, these characteristics may be activated when the sensor is replaced or after the process conditions have changed.

This concept ensures the return of your investment, and decreases your response time on changing boundary conditions. For new applications, you can create a new calculation model using process reference values together with our highly sophisticated SonicWork software.

Individual interfaces

is able to offer all current and emerging standards of signal processing. For continuous concentration and density measurement, 4-20 mA with 2-wire loop power (or 4-wire technology), Profibus PA or Foundation Fieldbus are available. For alarm level detection and switching, a non-contact output or relay can be configured. SensoTech analyzers can always conform to your installation needs.