Concentration & density measurement
Phase interface detection
Incoming goods control
Gas scrubber control
Polymerization monitoring
Crystallization monitoring
Bath monitoring
Refrigeration cycle monitoring

Absolute dedication: We are the application specialists.

The valuable support provided by LiquiSonic® measuring devices is vital for our customers in a wide range of industrial processes and laboratory applications. From first steps in the laboratory through to mini-plant units, pilot plants and large-scale production – we are a partner you can rely on throughout all phases of process development and for the implementation of your automation concepts.

Our engineers are application specialists. They have detailed knowledge of the specific requirements of each field of application and fully immerse themselves in the tasks set by our customers. Their knowledge and experience accumulated from numerous applications also help them to devise intelligent solutions to meet new challenges.

The analyzer LiquiSonic® can be used for several applications due to a very robust measuring method:

ProcessLiquiSonic® analysis

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