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Measuring method

Valuable measuring data for optimal use. With SonicWork.

In addition to the user friendly guided operation of the controller, we offer SonicWork,
a powerful software package for operating as well as configuration of the LiquiSonic® systems. In several options available, SonicWork enables real time trend charts, device configurations or calculations for product calibrations.

  • direct access to all device functions
  • real time trend chart
  • product calibration management
  • calculation of product calibrations
  • remote control for the system via cable or GSM modem interface
Our unique SonicWork software allows complete configuration of any LiquiSonic® system as well as the read out of process data via serial interface of standard PC´s and Laptops.
SonicWork is available as the combination of different modules, depending on the customer’s requirements.
The basic version may be downloaded free of charge from this website. Depending on your specific requirement the following functions can be used:
  • read out of data memory and event tracking
  • read out of device specifications
  • calculation and download of new calibration characteristics
  • real time chart of data and parameters
  • LiquiSonic® remote control via modem, Ethernet or internet
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