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LiquiSonic® IPA-Monitor

Easy and precise isopropyl alcohol monitoring

The system has the following features:

  • measuring range from 0 to 20 Vol% isopropyl alcohol in dampening water
  • measuring accuracy ± 0,1 Vol% isopropyl alcohol
  • independent of additives
  • tough system without moving parts that can pollute

The application of the IPA-Monitor has the following advantages:

  • reducing of the isopropyl alcohol consumption
  • stabilization of the print process by having an optimal and constant concentration of isopropyl alcohol
  • control signal for isopropyl alcohol setting

The LiquiSonic® systems can also be applied to monitor all of the raw materials. In addition, the concentrations of the supplied solutions can be monitored continuously and directly in the intake pipe to the process or the storage tanks.

As well the sonic velocity measurement is used to control the mixing process (blending), in order to realize an optimal mixture.

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