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LiquiSonic® Plato & Brix

Quality monitoring in breweries and beverage production

LiquiSonic® Plato & Brix is a high sophisticated inline analyzer that is based on modern technologies and a comfortable operation. Measuring precisely the temperature-compensated sonic velocity directly in the process, the analyzer determines continuously and in real time the concentration of various liquid beverage ingredients such as original gravity (°Plato), sugar (°Brix), extract or alcohol.

The system consists of one or more intelligent sensors and one controller which are connected with each other by a digital line of almost any length. Investments costs are comparatively low, in particular, for a maximum of four sensors combined with only one controller suited for almost any distance between the individual measuring points.

Using high advanced sonic velocity in a unique sensor design the system allows control and monitoring of concentrations at different points of the brewing process as well as in the beverage production.

Applications in breweries

Lauter tun / mash filter

In outlet of the lauter tun or the mash filter LiquiSonic® Plato is used:

  • to control the lautering / mash filtering process,
  • for accurate determination of the sparge water point,
  • to determine the averaged extract content (initial extract in the wort boiler) directly by combining with a flow meter (EXtrACT-Totalizer).

Due to the complexity of the lautering process the results can be very different from brew to brew. The use of LiquiSonic® Plato eliminates such fluctuations and stabilizes the results on the highest possible level. 


Case study about the use of LiquiSonic® to measure the wort concentration at the lauter tun of the Warsteiner brewery, journal "Brauwelt International". 
Inline measurement of the wort concentration on the lauter tun​​​​​​​

Wort boiler

In the wort boiler LiquiSonic® Plato is used to:

  • control the extract concentration during the complete boiling process,
  • determine precisely the final wort concentration to minimize the steam utilization.

As a continuously measuring inline system not requiring any bypass, LiquiSonic® Plato is easy to install and completely maintenance-free.

For internal boilers a sensor is provided, which can be directly installed in the boiler. This sensor is of a special design minimizing the impact of deposits. Moreover, the sensor is available with increased immersion length and can be equipped with a cleaning head. 

For external boilers the sensor is directly installed within the circulation pipe between the wort supply pump and the heat exchanger.

Wort cooler

In the wort cooler LiquiSonic® Plato is used to:

  • separate reliably wort and water in case of rinsing processes,
  • check the original gravity content before pitching yeast.

The installation of LiquiSonic® Plato is done aseptic and bypass-free in the wort run-off system.

In addition, LiquiSonic® Plato monitors the cooling temperature via two integrated Pt1000 temperature detectors.

SensoTech is a member of the German Master Brewer Association, national committee Saxony.

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