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LiquiSonic® Lab

Flexible measurement in laboratories

The electronic components of the sensor are integrated in the housing of the controller. Depending on the specific application this lab sensor can be made of different materials. The controller visualizes data collected by the sensor by displaying the concentration values. Being equipped with a high-tech microprocessor, the controller even copes with complex concentration calculations.

The clear, user-friendly and multilingual menu structure allows an easy handling without extensive manual study. The internal data memory has a capacity of up to 32,000 records. By reading out of the data via the integrated USB, TCP/IP or RS-232 interface, it is possible to create specific, customized process reports very fast. The process data or limit values will be updated in real time.

To further reduce efforts of monitoring the process and simplify the handling of the LiquiSonic® Lab Unit, the Measuring Point Manager is provided. This allows an easy switching of the measuring point and thus the product, depending on where the employee is currently located. The actual product to be measured is assigned to the measuring point in advance. Thereby time is saved and operating errors are avoided.

In addition to the numeric concentration, density and temperature displaying, the visualizing of limit value ranges is available. That simplifies the monitoring of an approximation to critical values. Users can identify the segment in the measuring range where the current value is settled on and get an overview quickly. When approximating the borders of the measuring range, the arrow turns into yellow signaling a warning. A range excess is shown by a red arrow.

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