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LiquiSonic® OCR

Precise oil concentration ratio monitoring

LiquiSonic® OCR is a high sophisticated inline analyzer that is based on modern technologies and a comfortable operation. Measuring precisely the pressure- and temperature-compensated sonic velocity directly in the process, the analyzer determines continuously and in real time oil concentrations in refrigerants for an optimum oil circulation ratio (OCR).


Oil in refrigerant

Oil in refrigerant | 3 MB

The system consists of one or more intelligent sensors and one controller which are connected with each other by a bus cable of almost any length. The sensor is installed via Plug & Play adapter in the refrigerant system. The measuring results are stored in the controller, allowing an easy creation of data sheets for documentation purposes. Additionally, the controller can be integrated in the corporate network or control systems.

The analysis of oils and refrigerants is carried out in the SensoTech in-house laboratory, so investment costs are comparatively low. If the process conditions change, the product data sets can be updated quickly and cost-efficiently.

Applications of LiquiSonic® OCR

Typical applications include

  • cooling processes of air-conditioning or compressor manufacturers,
  • research institutes and test bench engineering,
  • air-conditioning in automotive or building industry and more.

The LiquiSonic® sensors measure precisely, continuously and directly in the process the concentration of oil/refrigerant mixtures, such as

  • polyester oil (POE),
  • polyalkylene (PAG),
  • polyalphaolefins (PAO),
  • hydrofluorocarbons,
  • carbon dioxide,
  • ammonia,
  • propane.

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