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Our webinars offer an insight into how the sonic velocity based products work. In addition, process-related webinars show how the LiquiSonic® measuring systems are applied in practice and how users can optimize processes. These interactive online seminars answer all questions about LiquiSonic®.

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Benefits of webinars and events

  • Background information on products
  • Professional answers to technical process questions
  • Application know-how

In addition to first-class products and service, SensoTech offers its customers a series of events and webinars. An established network, in which expert knowledge is expanded, is the basis for innovative solutions, which set standards in the market. The knowledge about the process and the associated user-friendliness of our measuring systems are an important part of our work.

The measurement principle of sonic velocity is new territory in many applications. Other measurement methods, such as the measurement of density, are much more common. Exactly for this reason SensoTech is particularly interested in making the advantages of systems for concentration measurement in liquids accessible to many people.

Webinars for process monitoring

18 May 2021
20 May 2021

Gas Scrubber Process Monitoring
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  • Functionality of the measurement method,
  • Comparison to other measuring methods,
  • Optimization of plant safety,
  • Contribution to environmental protection

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Past Events   
ExpiredSulfuric Acid Monitoring in Mining
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Sulfuric acid monitoring,
Process monitoring in mining,
Process monitoring with sonic velocity
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Sulphuric Acid Monitoring At Its Best
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Sulfuric Acid monitoring,
Process monitoring in sulfuric acid production,
Sonic velocity in comparison to other methods

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