Webinar | Monitoring Oil Concentration in Refrigerants

Achieving the optimum oil/refrigerant ratio in a wink

The LiquiSonic® measurement systems efficiently enable inline monitoring of countless processes.

For the determination of oil concentration in refrigerants, LiquiSonic® OCR was developed - a highly efficient system that is directly integrated into the process and enables continuous monitoring in real time.

In our webinar you will learn how LiquiSonic® OCR can also efficiently monitor your refrigerant circuit and save costs in the process. The webinar is aimed at A/C test stand operators, A/C compressor manufacturers, A/C system manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, test stand builders and universities conducting research in this field.



SensoTech webinars are free of charge.


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Webinar | 16 November 2021, 3 pm (Berlin Time)

Webinar | 18 November 2021, 10 am (Berlin Time)

Webinar | 25 January 2022, 8 am (Berlin Time)


Main Challenges of Oil Concentration Ratio monitoring

Find the optimal
oil concentration


Offline measurement is
inaccurate and not reproducible.


Results are


LiquiSonic® – determine oil concentration efficiently

The LiquiSonic® measuring system is integrated into the system using the adapter supplied. It is plug&play, i.e. immediately ready for use after installation. Monitoring at the speed of sound allows an extremely robust sensor design. As a result, LiquiSonic® is maintenance-free and has a long service life - often more than 10 years. In combination with the high measuring precision, SensoTech provides the complete solution for determining the perfect oil/refrigerant ratio.


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Webinar | 16 November 2021, 3 pm (Berlin Time)

Webinar | 18 November 2021, 10 am (Berlin Time)

Webinar | 25 January 2022, 8 am (Berlin Time)

Key data

  • Language: English
  • Duration: 20 min + 10 min (Q&A)

Webinar focus topics

  • Learn about the complete solution for your process
  • Challenges in monitoring the oil circulation rate (OCR)
  • Advantages of LiquiSonic® compared to conventional measurements
  • Comparison to other measurement methods
  • We show how easy the installation is
  • You will learn how to achieve the perfect oil/refrigerant ratio as quickly as possible

Is it not possible to attend on the specified dates? Please contact us for an individual presentation - also by email to info@~@sensotech.com.