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Webinar | Sulfuric Acid Monitoring in Mining

LiquiSonic® for monitoring the production of sulfuric acid

Perfect sulfuric acid monitoring

SensoTech measuring systems are the perfect solution for monitoring sulfuric acid in many industrial processes. They are able to monitor the complete measuring range of sulfuric acid and oleum.

The webinar is aimed at interested persons who have already come into contact with processes for sulfuric acid production and processing.

In our webinar you will learn how monitoring by sonic velocity works. Furthermore, we will show at which points of the process our LiquiSonic® measuring systems are already successfully used. Here you will learn how to optimize your process and why sonic velocity is in many cases the best solution for sulfuric acid monitoring.

Finally, you will get an overview of the unique advantages of the LiquiSonic® measuring system in process monitoring and automation.

Key data

Language: English
Duration: 20 min + 10 min (Q&A)

Free of charge!

Focus topics of the webinar

  • Functionality of the measuring method
  • Advantages of ultrasonic measurements
  • Application in the sulphuric acid production process (DCDA and WSA)
  • Installation conditions and technical data

Webinar Registration

2 Feb 2021, 7pm UTC +1 (Suitable for America)  expired

4 Feb 2021, 11am UTC +1 (Suitable for Europe)  expired

16 Feb 2021, 8am UTC +1 (Suitable for Asia)  expired

LiquiSonic® - precise, robust, maintenance-free

SensoTech products are usually functional immediately after installation, as the systems are shipped ready for use.
Especially in the monitoring of sulfuric acid LiquiSonic® shows a very high measuring accuracy. In high concentration ranges the sonic velocity is a very good measuring parameter for quality control.
Due to the robust construction, the products are very durable and maintenance-free. Often the LiquiSonic® measuring devices are in use for 15 years and more.