Webinar | Green liquor monitoring

In pulp and paper production, the chemicals used must be recycled for ecological and economic reasons.

Inline analysis of the green liquor concentrations by means of LiquiSonic® measurement technology enables lime to be added in a targeted manner during recausticizing. Furthermore, the individual process stages, such as the dilution of the melt to the green liquor and its storage and clarification, can be permanently monitored and automatically controlled. Time delays caused by sampling and laboratory analyses are eliminated. This efficient process control results in an increase in quality.

In our webinar you will learn how LiquiSonic® works and which additional features make your work easier and safer.


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Webinar | 08. November 2022, 6 pm (Berlin Time)

Webinar | 09. November 2022, 1 pm (Berlin Time)

Webinar | 16. November 2022, 8 am (Berlin Time)

On the safe side with LiquiSonic®

Permanent real-time monitoring


Automated re-dosing and no sampling


Increased process reliability and extended equipment life


Targeted post-dosing and permanent monitoring with LiquiSonic®

Maintenance-free and very robust - these features characterize LiquiSonic®. The measuring system has no moving parts and delivers measured values every second and in real time. It is plug&play and has a service life of usually more than 10 years. In addition, the controller has extensive documentation options with export function. This allows the complete process to be perfectly monitored and causes of process deviations to be diagnosed. For automated post-dosing, it is possible to control valves and react even faster to any deviations.


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Webinar | 08. November 2022, 6 pm (Berlin Time)

Webinar | 09. November 2022, 1 pm (Berlin Time)

Webinar | 16. November 2022, 8 am (Berlin Time)


Key data

  • Language: English
  • Duration: 20 min + 10 min (Q&A)

Webinar focus topics

  • reliable inline measurement of the green liquor
  • automated concentration monitoring
  • optimum dosage of calcium oxides for subsequent recausticizing
  • complete documentation of the green liquor concentration
  • checking of the green liquor quality with regard to suspended solids and solid particles
  • advantages of LiquiSonic® compared to conventional measurements

Is it not possible to attend on the specified dates? Please contact us for an individual presentation - also by email to info@~@sensotech.com.