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Bath monitoring

Continuous real-time monitoring

The measured values are recorded inline, permanently updated and available online. The sensor is installed directly in the pipeline from DN 6 or directly in the bath. As an alternative to inline measurement technology, the LiquiSonic® Lab System offers the possibility to perform fast and precise measurements at a central quality measuring station.

Advantages of bath monitoring

  • bath process documentation as an indirect proof of compliance with the relevant quality parameters "bath concentration" and "bath temperature"
  • perfect bath care by optimum re-dosing of the cleaning agent, solvent or other process liquid in order to compensate losses of process liquid and water resulting from evaporation and discharge
  • efficient control of bath changes by inline monitoring of the bath contamination degree

Applications of LiquiSonic®

Typical applications include:

  • cleaning, degreasing and rinsing baths,
  • corrosion prevention, preservation and coating baths,
  • quenching baths,
  • pickling and etching baths,
  • treatment baths.

The LiquiSonic® sensors measure precisely, continuously and directly in the process the concentration of, for example:

  • cleaning agents and solvents,
  • anti-corrosive agents and preservatives,
  • polymers, liquid metals and pigments,
  • acids and bases,
  • oil emulsions.

LiquiSonic® Lab System - fast, mobile, precise

The LiquiSonic® Lab measuring system specially developed by SensoTech is ideally suited for monitoring processes in smaller plants where inline measurement is not feasible. Especially for smaller volumes, an inline measurement is often not practical and requires modifications. Therefore, a central quality measuring station is suitable in such cases.

LiquiSonic® Lab is the solution for this:

  •     fast, precise measurements
  •     no installation necessary
  •     mobile measuring system
  •     further advantages

The use of cleaning and treatment baths is common in various industries and processes. For example, single or multi-chamber systems or conveyor systems are used to remove film or particulate impurities or to apply anti-corrosion liquids.

All technologies are realized within single or cascaded baths. The following process figure demonstrates the application of LiquiSonic® at relevant measuring points of a degreasing cascade.