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Hit the target with sonic velocity


LiquiSonic® systems for challenging installation requirements

Often operators come to their limits when they are looking for an inline analyzing system that measures highly precise under harsh process conditions. SensoTech is a specialist for those measuring tasks and supports many applications, that cannot be measured with standard solutions. Every branch has its own demands and SensoTech GmbH offers a variety of solutions for special applications. Especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry is a high demand of small and robust inline analyzing devices. To solve these applications also in hazardous areas the LiquiSonic® explosion proof sensors are now available in a smaller diameter. A perfect fitting solution for every application even under difficult installation conditions: free choice of the length of the sensor, of the material and of process connection. The sensors are certified as FM, ATEX, IECEx and NEPSI.

Under harsh process conditions it is hard to find a robust inline measurement system. In the fields of phase separation, concentration measurement and reaction monitoring the sonic velocity measuring devices from SensoTech GmbH are setting standards for decades. The maintenance-free LiquiSonic® measuring devices record the absolute sonic velocity, a traceable and proven physical quantity, as well as the temperature and determine the temperature-compensated concentration of fluids with high precision. A special electronic housing made of stainless steel was developed for harsh process conditions, as in off-shore applications with a constantly high-concentrated salty atmosphere. It is perfectly fitting for this high corrosive environment. Commonly used housings made of aluminum are normally not allowed here. Furthermore, the housings of the LiquiSonic® sensors can be manufactured with a separated electronic. A space-saving solution. This housing is tailored for customers with difficult installation conditions especially in chemistry, off-shore, mining and semi-conductor industries.
As a leading provider of measuring and analytical systems on basis of sonic velocity SensoTech gradually enhanced decade-long experience in measuring and automation and expanded its application experience step-by-step. This know-how supports the customers for decades especially when they have difficult measuring tasks and complex installation conditions.


Measuring systems of SensoTech GmbH are made for challenging requirements so that also complex installations and measuring tasks can be met. The robust LiquiSonic® sensors are measuring sonic velocity in various customized applications and are integrated directly in the plant and connected to the process control system.

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