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Successful parts2clean 2019


From 22nd - 24th of October the parts2clean has been meeting point of the parts cleaning industry. Innovations in cleaning systems, bathes and cleaners were of interest to visitors as well as process optimization and monitoring. SensoTech introduces the LiquiSonic® QC what greatly simplifies the monitoring of various smaller bathes.
In the expert forum visitors had the chance to watch two presentations of SensoTech. One explained the use of LiquiSonic® QC, the other one showed how LiquiSonic® systems monitor etching and pickling bathes inline. The well attended presentations last about 20 minutes. They gave an introduction of the topics, which were deepened and discussed later at the booth.

Many interesting conversations and contacts made the parts2clean 2019 a very successful event for SensoTech. The good organization by the hosts ensured a suitable framework for exhibitors and visitors.
SensoTech is looking forward to exhibiting at parts2clean 2020. We hope for equally many pleased visitors as this year.

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