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in chemical processes

The online measuring technology is able to adjust exactly the feed or surplus of alkalis, which result in cost savings and plant safety.


Oil dry fractionation

Application report - Oil dry fractionation

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Caustic Soda

Fact Sheet for Caustic Soda Applications

Caustic Soda | 2 MB

Neutralizations are of great importance in chemical processes for

  • protection of plants (pipes, tanks and vessels) against corrosion,
  • optimal conditions for chemical processes,
  • neutralization of solution as a preliminary stage of waste water treatment.

In many cases, the customer has to deal with process conditions like high temperatures or aggressive process liquids, for which LiquiSonic® sensors can be used without problems. Due to their rugged construction and special materials, they are able to measure with high precision even in difficult conditions. 

The neutralization of gaseous components caused by process exhaust air is also of great importance. Here gas scrubbers are used, which absorb the components of the gas flow by means of a scrubbing liquid.