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Titanium Dioxide post-treatment

After this processing, the TiO2 has to be refined to optimize the surface structure for better gloss and extended shelf life. Subsequently, the TiO2 suspension has to be filtered and dryed. In this posttreatment a continous process monitoring by TiO2 suspension density measurement is needed to guarantee high product quality and to make up optimum use of the plant capacity. 

LiquiSonic® is ideally equipped for this complex measuring task. The robust, maintenance free inline measuring technology convinces customers, mainly with an attractive price-performance ratio.

LiquiSonic® sonic velocity measurement in titanium dioxid suspension


The refined TiO2 suspension is collected in a storage tank and afterwards filtered. To determine the suspension density, LiquiSonic® immersion sensors are installed before storage tank (1) or filtration unit (2). By using LiquiSonic®, the TiO2 post-treatment is  permanently monitored and can be regulated in a matter of seconds. This helps to save process costs and increase the product quality. 

The LiquiSonic® measuring technology convinces customers, compared to Coriolis flowmeters, with an attractive price-performance ratio, even in pipelines with bigger diameters. Furthermore the LiquiSonic® analyzer operates maintenance free and with high precision for a long time.


The  LiquiSonic® sensor is easily installed into TiO2-pipelines (DN 25 or bigger). The process connection can be chosen individually. By using the LiquiSonic® controller 30, up to four sensors can be connected, allowing the simultaneous monitoring of several measuring points. This allows optimal process control, either before the collection tank or before filtration. 

Typical measuring range:
concentration range: 0 to 600 g/l
temperature range: 10 to 80 °C 

The LiquiSonic® analyzers are successfully implemented in TiO2-plants, e.g. at KRONOS Titan GmbH (Leverkusen, Germany). 

Customer value

LiquiSonic® analyzer with numerous advantages:

  • attractive price-performance ratio, even for nominal pipeline diameter DN 25 and bigger
  • no abrasion by usage of titanium sensor
  • robust and maintenance free function
  • easy installation by individual choise of process connection
  • durable use

SensoTech enables with LiquiSonic® a stable, user-friendly measuring technology, perfectly suitable to determine the TiO2 suspension density.