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Staying in contact with customers is key to any successful business. Knowing what they need and what they want forms the basis for success today and tomorrow. Our partners for the South East Asia appreciate customer contact.
We recently were part of a customer meeting "Process Measurement Redefined" with experience from more than 8 industries. It was an enriching experience to hear the industry after we had spoken of our expertise.
Participants from industries such as automotive, steel, specialty chemicals, petrochemicals etc., shared process challenges for which we could offer measurement solutions unique to SensoTech GmbH. Centrionics with excellent Sales-Service network and infrastructure further strengthens customers willingness to invest in these solutions.
The participants were also engaged with Hands-on measurement using our sensor + controller setup, which was a unique experience for all of them.

Our Applications Manager, Alexandra Graf presented the technical insights to our technology and applications expertise with support from Regional Director, Shamsul Q Khan, who provided the value proposition of these applications for the users and their process.

We thank all the participants for their time and team Centrionics for a brilliant and well organized event.